Debbie has been leading God-inspired inner child workshops since 2000. Many women have received much healing and insight into what has made them who they are,  and why they act the way they do.  This cycle of healing brings a greater understanding of one’s self.


Survivor Restored Workshop Topics:

“Meeting My Inner Child”

“Seeing Through the Eyes of My Inner Child”

“Nurturing My Inner Child”

“Honoring My Inner Child”


You will personally participate in hands-on exercises throughout each weekly workshop. These unique and even fun activities include writing, worksheets, and healing through your own self-reflection. Debbie was introduced to the "The Power of Your Other Hand" method through her licensed practical counselor.  She still journals and seeks inner healing daily. From that clinical experience God inspired Debbie to share this very powerful tool to facilitate healing and wholeness.  Even though Debbie came from a childhood of abuse herself please understand grief, loss, depression, anxiety, CPTSD, or whatever your trauma may be can be tapped into and healed with this very powerful method.


Workshop Locations:

Individual and group workshops are held in the Gulf Shores, AL. area and are now expanding to other areas as Peer Mentors are equipped to teach as well.  Either on-line or in person.    


   Workshop Fee Includes:

  • Four 2-hour weekly workshops

  • ​​​1 hr. weekly Q&A session in between each Workshop

  • A copy of Debbie’s new book "Un-Shattered"

  • A copy of the "Survivor Restored" Workbook


$480 per individual (whether you attend individually or in a group)

This price remains the same whether you attend in person or on-line.

Please consult your medical doctor or licensed counselor for professional help. Debbie does not claim to be a licensed counselor. She is simply sharing with you the tool that enabled her own healing.  These workshops are God inspired to her just as her poetry has been for the past 29 years.


All participants in the workshops must sign a disclaimer. Individual or group.  Debbie is a Peer Mentor only. God's calling on Debbie's life is to share her own story of survival from abuse and help bring hope and healing to those who have suffered.

Recommendations of local licensed counselors are available upon request to continue your healing once you complete these workshops.  If you are out of state please contact a counselor and or therapist in your local area.


*Some photos have been changed or modified to protect their identities.*

Fawn - “I found out that my little girl was afraid of being alone. I have received some hope.”  I have a better understanding of myself.  I really enjoyed the release exercise with the rest of the Survivors in the group.

Erin (in 1978) - "Going through these workshops allowed me to "take my power back!"  I found myself able to face my abuser of 8 years due to the strength I gained.  They also gave me the courage to face the death of my mother which before may have destroyed me.  Regaining my power has given me the platform from which I now walk boldly in all areas of my life."

Mary Jane - “I am taking home a blessing from my heavenly Father.   The exercises like writing to my inner child and looking into the mirror and releasing the balloon were fun! I am especially thankful for the “fun” part of this workshop.  I need “fun” in my experience of healing. It is appealing to my inner child!” 

Love - "I feel that a door has been opened to my heart that now allows me to love more and to speak up for myself more."

Laurie - "Let me tell you what these Survivor Restored workshops did for me last night. I came home from work at 10:45 pm and one of my abusers...the worst one....was in my driveway waiting on me. He was madder than a hornet because my story has been posted on my friends blog. And he's angry that I revealed some family secrets. Because of these workshops I was finally able to stand up to him and say I refuse to stay in silence anymore! I have been given my voice and power back thanks to these workshops! If this would have happened a month ago, BEFORE I did these workshops, I would have been a crumbling heap of sobbing mess in my driveway. But thanks to the voice and power and self confidence I have now AFTER these workshops, I took back my power! He never again will have power over me!! I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL ANYMORE! and I refuse to be bullied and manipulated by him! God is awesome! These workshops are of God and by God! He led me to them because they were made by him! I can now say, I love and respect myself and I deserve the healing I received from this! I have a voice, I have power and I will NOT be silenced! Thank you Debbie. I am eternally grateful that you too were obedient in creating these workshops! You need to love yourself enough to invest in YOU! You ARE worth it!!"

Susana -  (at age 3) "I have to share more wonderful healing that has come from these workshops! I looked in the mirror for the very first time today in almost 30 years! I can't even explain how HUGE this is to my healing! I was terrified of the mirror. Every single time I would try to look in the mirror, I would fall to the floor in a heap. I would be a sobbing mess. Because as a child I was forced to look into a mirror, while my very long hair was being pulled and say how bad, worthless, disgusting, filthy, etc, etc, etc I was. And if I wasn't convincing enough my head would be held in the toilet bowl until my lips were purple. So, yes! This is HUGE! And I can say 110% without a doubt, if not for these workshops this wouldn't have ever been possible for me! This is just one of the huge parts of healing that have been a result of these! I have also taken back a huge amount of power from one of my abusers! God is moving! These workshops are of God and by God. Debbie, is just the vessel by which they are led. God is leading you right now to healing, his healing and this IS where he's leading. You are worth this investment!"

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