Independence – Freedom – Imprisonment

When I think of the month of July I immediately think of independence and freedom. But, then on the flip side of that I think of all the ways so many can be imprisoned. Not necessarily incarcerated in a prison but captive to their own mind and destructive thinking.

As a child growing up in an incestuous environment the fireworks you hold in your hand until they fizzle out was just an escape from my day to day reality. I loved to watch the flickers of lights dancing in my hand with only the night as the backdrop. It was magical. But, there is nothing magical about how so easily we can each get caught up in unhealthy thought patterns due to being confined or restrained and being helpless to do anything about it.

Celebrating freedom for me is more than the sound of and the sight of the beautiful and colorful fireworks way up in the sky. It is a celebration of no longer being plagued by thoughts that tear away at the very core of a person’s soul.

True freedom is self-determination coupled with taking back one’s power. Whether it be through action, speech or thoughts… it is a choice for change.

I commend Thomas Jefferson for writing the Declaration of Independence and I can only imagine what that Thursday was like. Did he and the others that were present celebrate as we now do? Or was it enough to marvel at the fact that the United States of America was given birth to and a nation was born.

I personally believe it was a stressful time; filled with thoughts and emotions that struck each person in a different way. One can only speculate on how the shaping of a nation would strike a man’s mind much less his soul.

Something worth having is worth fighting for. Self-worth has no price tag and yet can get so entangled with others choices. I am just thankful that those men thought enough about us now; knowing their lives would pass… that they still cared enough to stand up for freedom.

So, the next time you feel defeated and wonder will the darkness ever bring light; or will the pain ever be dulled, just remember… keep fighting! For what you do today can very well affect lives and bring them their own declaration of independence from imprisonment in all its forms.

We each and every one are only given a certain number of days on God’s earth. What we do with those days will determine our Legacy. I don’t know about you, but as for me I can only wonder what thoughts crossed Thomas Jefferson’s mind as he authored the uniting of states and in the confines of that declaring a nation to be born.

Whether you know it, believe it or have ever been told; I am here to tell you that you have every right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you find yourself in a situation where others tear you down, you have the choice and obligation to yourself to no longer be enslaved to that treatment. I hope you will indeed choose… freedom. Your independence day!

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