Coming from the Appalachian Mountains, one might never think the soul went as deep as the mountains went high.  From a very young age, Debbie sought the help of God.  Being diagnosed with a panic disorder at the age of 24 nearly shattered her life.  Through seeking God and the advice of a LPC her road of recovery from childhood abuse began in 1990. Healing her inner child saved her life.  


Learning to face all the trauma and terror she experienced throughout her childhood has freed her to help others. Writing remains her passion and speaking to other Survivors like her is her calling. She has surrendered to both.  As a result she has become a lyricist, peer mentor and inner child workshop facilitator, speaker, and a published poet.  Over the years her works have been distributed internationally through Heartfelt, Inc. gift lines and featured in Hallmark Gold Crown Stores.  


Some of Debbie’s most well-known works Include Little Inspirations, The Names of God, Straight from the Heart, The Fruits of the Spirit, Prayers to God, Poetry n’ Song among others.   Debbie now lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama and soon has plans to reach women far outside of this area.


Her relationship with God is imperative and answering His calling on her life to share her story and lead others to His Kingdom is her joy. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, watching Classic Films, and spending time at the Gulf... it brings her much peace. 


Debbie Hargis' vision is to help survivors of abuse, violence and trauma find their purpose and make a mark on this world we each live in.



Debbie Hargis' mission is to improve and empower lives of survivors so that they can transition into productive and healthy lifestyles in communities across this world.

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